New Day EP

[sic]’s mu-sic label is excited to announce its latest release. The ‘New Day EP’ offers four slabs of heavyweight techno and minimal and sees the next instalment of Bristol producer [sic]’s expanding repertoire, whilst also heralding the arrival of minimal techno aficionado and producer Possom (aka David Mossop).

The EP opens with the title track ‘New Day’ by Possom, a driving blend of hypnotic percussion and spacey vocals to deliver euphoric, booty-shaking delights. The wonderfully catchy bass drives the track along nicely and ‘New Day’ presents a lush blend of ethereal sounds and driving rhythms. A journey to the borderlands between techno and house and one for Peak Time hours or early morning bliss.

Next up is ‘Bite Back’ by [sic] (aka Dan Jeffries), a magnificently minimal number featuring this artist’s signature blend of dark synth-scapes and beats whose intricate playfulness draws you in, accompanied by stinging high-hats that morph into squelchy acid sounds. The track very much has two halves: beware the bite at 3:03.

Track 3 sees Possom’s second offering in the form of ‘Friction’, a delightfully deranged collage of old movie dialogue, eery field recordings and shuffling beats that transports you into a world of lo-fi minimal techno. An incessant chord melody keeps the track moving and this has major potential to get dance floor moving. A former resident of Berlin, Possom describes his track as “Kopfkino” – cinema of the mind.

The EP finishes off with [sic]’s wonderfully arranged ‘Invaders’, a prime-time track that aims to feed the feet as well as the mind. With its massive acid bassline and squelchy top lead, ‘Invaders’ takes you on a serious sci-fi journey, accompanied by percussive hits, synth rises and dub-style chord stabs. This is minimal catchiness at its best and the power of this lushly crafted tune cannot be underestimated.

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