[sic] – Venus/Loki

As soon as you hear the bassline on ‘Venus’, you know you’re in for a bouncy ride.

Dark stabs accompany a swirling brigade of FX sweeps and percussion as slowly but surely that catchy flute hook arrives…and once it drops there’s no turning back. Fun, naughty and infectious, ‘Venus’ is an ideal peak time track.

On the flip-side, ‘Loki’ offers a darker workout yet with all the bounce and energy of ‘Venus’. From the off you’re presented with a vigorous falling bassline, bleeps and heavily swung percussion, but it’s the sinister sweeping synths fighting against reverbed claves that really help this tune stand out. A subtle yet impactive breakdown and drop never lets the energy wane…’Loki’ is a deliciously wonky late night roller.

Support for previous [sic] tracks: Dubfire, Nick Warren, Sonny Wharton, Pig and Dan, Chris Fortier, Jody Wisternoff, Paolo Mojo and more.

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