The Sound of [sic] Vol 4

6 years since the last ‘Sound of…’, [sic] is back with a new collection of material, including a few tracks from his alter-ego ‘Balls Deep’.

Featuring music from Particle Zoo Recordings, Re:Sound Records and some unreleased material, this is a made-for-the-dancefloor DJ mix showcasing the best of [sic]’s catchy and versatile sound.

Track list:

  1. Clouds (Coming Soon)
  2. Web Sheldon – ID-ID (Balls Deep Remix)
  3. Vegas
  4. The Lair
  5. Dan Stoneman – Original Badman (Balls Deep Remix)
  6. Ghosts
  7. The Tunnel
  8. O is for Orgasm (Coming Soon)
The Homecoming EP – featuring The Tunnel, The Lair and Ghosts – is Out Now


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