Squirm / The Test

It may be released on April 1st, but [sic]’s new two-track EP is definitely no joke!

With his usual trademark quirkiness, [sic] aka Dan Jeffries presents ‘Squirm’ and ‘The Test’, both excellent examples of contrasting styles within Techno and Tech House.

‘Squirm’ – according to [sic] – resembles a ‘musical octopus’. The squidgy synth tentacles that slowly manoeuvre their way in form a vice-like grip around you before the rolling, chewy Moog-bass takes over. This is a peak-time track with plenty to keep the dance floor interested thanks to its hypnotic lead line, driving drums and eerie vocal stabs.

By contrast, ‘The Test’ offers a more garage-y vibe with it’s bouncy percussion and stuttering triplet drops at the end of each phrase. The test soon comes in the dark stabs that appear, the twinkling accompanying synth lines and other joyful moments that make The Test a huge amount of fun and one to get the dance floor moving.

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